HOSA Competition Library

Competition is an important part of HOSA membership. It encourages students to learn and perfect skills or information that will get them ahead in the health care field.

“Competition within a state is held in the spring as a means of identifying those members eligible for competition at the HOSA National Leadership Conference.” hosa.org/note/19


To compete, students must be affiliated with a club that is recognized by National HOSA (all four schools affiliated with the NEMO AHEC HOSA chapter are affiliated nationally).

Students then choose a written knowledge test, or competitive event, register through their adviser and prepare for the big day!

HOSA.org lists all suggested textbooks for study, and required materials for competitive events. But what do you do if you don’t have an airway kit, or occlusive bandages? Take a look at the exclusive NEMO AHEC Chapter HOSA Competition Library! Here you can check out both suggested textbooks, and kits that contain required items that may be costly or hard to find on your own.

Click on the link (below), take a look, and submit a request form to [email protected] to get a step up in your competitive event!

HOSA Library Catalog