NEMO AHEC HOSA…Heading to Orlando, FL!

Next week, 10 students and 5 Advisors from the NEMO AHEC HOSA clubs will be traveling to Orlando, Florida to attend the HOSA National Leadership Conference (NLC):

We have student/adivsor representatives from the Green City R-1 HOSA Club, Knox Co. R-1, Milan C-2 HOSA Club, Newtown-Harris R-3 HOSA Club, and Anna Kaminski will be representing the NEMO AHEC organization as a whole.

  • 6 of the student attendees will be competing in the HOSA National Competition as they placed in the Top 3 at the Missouri State Leadership Conference;
  • 2 of the student attendees will be representing our Chapter as Missouri State HOSA Officers (Parilamentarian & Post-Secondary Co-Vice President); and
  • 2 of the student attendees will be taking part in the many workshops the National HOSA organization is hosting!

Wish us luck – stay tuned for pictures and competition results!

national qualifiers

NEMO AHEC HOSA National Qualifiers – 2014 MO HOSA State Leadership Conference