Newtown-Harris Students Reflecting on the National HOSA Leadership Conference

Along with support from the Missouri Foundation for Health, NEMO AHEC was able to provide summer scholarships for students participating in health career & science enrichment opportunities during their summer. In return, they each wrote up a reflection on their experience — enjoy!

Author: Ben from Newtown-Harris

My experience from the conference was amazing. I met many new people and made some friends from different places all over the United States. The conference also was not just for fun, I learned many things about how to be a leader and applying what I have learned to our HOSA chapter. Last year I was unable to attend the first session [opening ceremonies] but this year I got to and it was AMAZING! The whole room was bursting with energy and enthusiasm and it was contagious.  The keynote speaker Dr. Michio Kaku showed us that the future is going to be amazing and we are the face of it. The future of medicine is us and all of the technology that we are creating can increase human lifespan and create a healthier and brighter future. During the conference, a meeting was held with the [Missouri] state board and the state officers got to plan the next year of Missouri HOSA. Missouri HOSA was well represented. We had people get awards and recognitio
n at the awards ceremony. But unfortunately all good things have to come to an end, the conference was amazing and I would urge anyone to be able to go next year. hosa cones

The conference was not just meetings and classes; we got to go to a few of the Disney parks too. We were able to go to Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and The Magic Kingdom. These places were places that I thought I would never be able to go. You can go many places with HOSA and I am glad that I am a part of it.

Author: Kyle from Newtown-Harris

My reflection is that the event I participated in was an amazing experience for me. I enjoyed the speaker, Dr. Michio Kaku, when he explained what the future of medicine would be like. The opening session was really fun as well. My [competitive] event, Pathophysiology, was sort of easy in my opinion. Some of those questions blew my mind, but I researched about them directly after the test. Word of advice to the next year competitors, if your not sure what to study for in Pathophysiology, study anything random in your book. They base their questions on random knowledge like: Diabetes, Cardiac, and sometimes genetics. Overall, I loved attending National Leadership Conference for HOSA.
Author: Allie from Newtown-Harris

I would like to thank everyone involved with the Summer Scholarship.  Going to Florida for the National HOSA Competition was an honor. This year I went as a Missouri State Officer. The experience was tremendous!  I got to meet former National Officers and more closely bond with my own State Officer Team. We participated in a class with State Officers from across the nation. We were also able to go to Disney World while we were down there. I definitely had a blast! Once again, thank you for making this trip possible!



Author: Ben from Newtown-Harris

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go to Nationals for HOSA this summer. I have gained much knowledge while in Florida and hope to go another year. HOSA has helped me paint a better picture of what I want to do in the medical field and gave me a better understanding what HOSA is really all about. My next year’s goal is to make it to Nationals again and make it to the top ten so I can get up on stage! The people that have gone up on stage have inspired me to do great things and I want to be one of those people inspiring young HOSA members as well.

Yes, it will be a hard task, but I believe I have grown more mature and confident to achieve such a thing. Right now I am working on attracting new members to our HOSA chapter so we can have a better chance to bring more people to Nationals so they can gain the experience I did while I was in Florida. Again, thank you for your hospitality and hope to see you again next year craving for more knowledge.

Funding for this project was provided in part by the Missouri Foundation for Health, a philanthropic organization whose vision is to improve the health of the people in the communities it serves.