High School Workshops

NEMO AHEC is now offering in-school workshops for schools that are looking to provide hands-on activities for their students. Teachers or administrators are invited to schedule in-class, after school, or Monday workshops for students to participate in engaging experiments and lessons covering:

  • CPR/AED Training (not resulting in certification: certification is available but requires a minimal cost of material ~$25)
  • First Aid Training (similar deal, but comes with the cost of CPR/AED Training)
  • Phlebotomy and Injection/Blood Draw Workshop
  • Infectious Disease Control with Gowning and Gloving practice
  • Nutrition and Lifetime Activity Workshop
  • Oral Health Activities
  • Healthe Foundations Training: and online activity that teaches students about chronic disease, interprofessional healthcare, and present a healthcare plan!
  • Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Awareness
  • Becoming a Peer Educator/Supporter
  • Animal Dissections (These do require reimbursement for the cost of specimen ~$10)
  • Healthcare Ethics and HIPAA
  • Cultural Competency and Social Determinants of Health

For more information, or to schedule a workshop at your school, email our Health Education Specialist:

Laura Wallace