Clinical Training

Clinical Training

NEMO AHEC assists Missouri Colleges and Universities in coordinating rotations for allied health, medical, and nursing students. Students are placed with practicing professionals in rural and underserved areas for two, four, and eight-week clinical rotations; depending on preceptor availability.

How does it help?

It shows a rare look at the rural and underserved medical profession. It can help students build partnerships and find mentors within the community. By being exposed to the different areas students have the ability to build a professional network before they graduate.

Gabe Anders and Kendal Geno met while attending Truman State University. Gabe graduated from AT Still University- KCOMMedicine and Kendal graduated from MU School of Medicine. Both have signed contracts to practice family medicine with Pershing Health System in Brookfield, MO.

For more information about clinical training options, please contact Robin Dawson at 660-665-6404 or