NAO HPV Immunization Project

The National AHEC Organization received funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for a project to provide education to health professionals regarding the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. Selected AHEC entities in all 50 states will work to increase awareness as well as train health professionals about the HPV vaccine, in an overall effort to increase HPV vaccination rates.

In 2015, the Northeast Missouri AHEC (NEMO AHEC) office was selected to take part in the National AHEC Organization’s HPV Project by forming partnerships and organizing trainings for health care providers throughout Missouri.

NAO HPV Immunization Project: NAO aims to provide education to health professionals to strengthen HPV vaccination recommendations, resulting in a decrease in missed opportunities to vaccine adolescents ages 11–12.

State AHECs: One AHEC entity per state has been selected to carry out state and local HPV project training activities with coordination by four project specialists in the areas of marketing; partnership development; continuing education and AHEC integration.

AHEC Centers use their unique niche in serving the rural and underserved to reach healthcare providers and students that don’t have access to large-scale quality improvement projects most often available in urban settings.

Project impact:
 32,647 health professionals trained
 731 HPV education programs
 Nearly all (96%) of participants reported an increase in their effectiveness in raising HPV vaccination rates among their patients
 Nine out of 10 trained were definitely or somewhat using the training information or enhanced their practice to increase their patient HPV immunization rates three months after the training
 5,454 health professions student trained
 1.2 million materials disseminated
 Targeted, uniform awareness messages for Cervical Health Month and National Immunization Awareness Month